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Happy Menu provides various kinds of dishes. They have organized more than 1000 marriage events and also recognized in entire Kerala.

Product Description

Happy Menu provides various kinds of dishes. They have organized more than 1000 marriage events and also recognized in entire Kerala. Happy Menu is the best catering management.

A dish is a specific food preparation, with cooking finished, and ready to eat, or be served. A dish may be served on tableware, or may be eaten out of hand which is known as buffer system in wedding. There are so many elements that come into play when planning a wedding – dress, food, guests, cake, DJ, photographer etc. Wedding trends have been showing that guests are caring more and more about the food. If the food is bad, guests will talk. On the other hand if the food is great, guests will definitely remember it. It is important to take care of you guests who is vegetarians or non vegetarians. No matter how great the DJ is, if your guests are hungry, they most likely won’t feel like dancing and this can dull the overall feel of the wedding. HAppy Menu provides quality and tasty food with the variety of dishes. Here is some dishes which we provides during wedding according to the budget of customer’s. We have different varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes for any type of events.
(1) RICE:- We provides different varieties of rice like- fried rice, vegetable biryani, ghee rice, plain rice, lemon rice, cumin rice with seasonable vegetables and cashew nuts.
(2) PANEER:- We have Paneer tikka masala, paneer kadai, palak paneer, paneer butter masala, paneer pasanda, paneer do pyaja, paneer kofta, pea paneer, etc.
(3) PULSES:- We have Dal fry tadka, yellow dal makhani, masala dal, gujarati dal, chana dal, dal amritsari, etc.
(4)- VEGETABLES:- We have veg kadai, veg kolhapuri, veg korma, veg chilli milli, aloo gobi, aloo methi brinjal, pumpkin, mix veg, etc.
(5)- PUTTU AND KADALA CURRY:- This is a breakfast staple eaten all over the state. Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake cooked in a mould with grated coconut. It’s usually served with kadala curry, a dish of black chickpeas made with shallots, spices and coconut milk, that can also be served with ripe bananas and grated coconut.
(6)- APPAM:- Appam is most frequently eaten with breakfast or dinner and is a fermented flat bread made out of Rice and Coconut.
(7)- IDLI’S:- Idlis are steam cakes that are usually two to three inches in diameter and are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice.

(1) SEA FOOD:- We have Fish curry, fish masala, fried fish, prawns curry, prawns masala, fish black pepper, etc.


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