Car Decoration in Palakkad

Car Decoration

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Happy Menu is the renowned caterers in Kerala. Happy Menu provides car decoration at reasonable rate and one of the featured thing in Palakkad.

Wedding car decoration is also an important part of Indian wedding.

The importance of the wedding car decoration came into being, as per traditional customs the groom arrives at the marriage venue on a decorated horse.

Even today this system is very popular and followed in most Indian cultures.

Wedding cars in Kerala are decorated as per demand of the groom and their family and try to provide the best service.

Decorating a Wedding car involves a lot of skills and tact one has to be very careful about avoiding the damages to the car and it is therefore the best done by the professional.

It is also advisable to have an adequate knowledge before proceeding for the decorations.

The design concepts can also be used with the flowers, some popular placements are

✓Individual flowers all round the cars body.
✓Bouquet of  the flowers at the center of the bonnet which also acts as a center piece.
✓Bouquets on the sides of the bonnet.
✓Bouquet on the sides of the dickey.
✓Hanging garlands across the roof of the car.
✓Floral arrangements on the side view mirrors.

The Wedding car is used after the marriage rituals and is over to take the bride to her new homely environment.

This is called a ceremony is known as Vidaai, where the girl bids farewell to her own family and is ready to start the new journey of married life.

The groom and bride generally sits on the rear seat and the wedding car is preferably driven by a relative friend or family.

The wedding car is given as a gift by the parents and family members to the newly married couple.


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